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Views of God

There are basically three ways you can look at God:

1) The Theist. There is a God--theism. This is a broad way to look at it. This is not to say that one believes in the same God/god as all others but that the main idea is that there is something out there that helps shape our ideas and lives. This is also not to short change any belief in a Supreme Being. This group is just open minded about the possibilities of a God. Some believe in one, some believe in many.

2) The Agnostic. The most confused person there is. Is there? Isn't there? Should I? Shouldn't I? Maybe...perhaps...who knows...show me, but don't show me too much. There are those who want to know but can't get through all of the vernacular, rites, and unexplained things that happen. They can't seem to come to a belief because there just isn't enough evidence. Then there are those who just don't know anything about God or religion because they are never around any of it or have to o many other issues they are dealing with.

3) The Atheist. There is no God--atheist. This is also a broad way to look at this side. This is not to say that one doesn't believe in any God at all but has not had either the proof or desire needed to believe. You can either believe in humanity or even still a spirituality that is more about the natural world than a heavenly world.

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