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OK, so you decided to look at the side that some how is opposed to God.  Atheism is not as easy to describe as one would think.  It's not necessarily a non-belief in God or a hatred to God but relies more upon other ideas and philosophies than a religion or supposed Godly values.  This is NOT to say that these people are bad people.  On the contrary, most of these people are highly intellectual and humanitarians.  They just have the wrong starting point, and ending point.  Some are even religious and they don't know it.

1) The Anti-theist. This is the worst group out of all the lists. They are the most active. They spread the most propaganda and hate. But they do not see it as hate or bad. And that shows how true Isaiah 5:20 is. They don't know what they are saying. They will twist and distort any and all religious ideas and texts.  They hate all things religious. They will especially choose to hate Christians and then Jewish people.
  • The Activist is the one atheist who gets involved politically.  They will create controversy and get laws passed that stop any religious ideas.They are the ones who challenge the established laws and traditions such as having the Ten Commandments being removed from any building or removing the words "In God We Trust" off the dollar or getting rid of school prayer.  They cause more trouble than anyone.  They are the self-righteous of the non-religious world.
  • The Non-Theist though is a little different. They just don't care. They want to be left alone by all groups. Although when push comes to shove they will side with the activist because they do believe in personal freedoms and one of those in the US is religious freedom.
  • And the Satanist, well, enough said.

2) The Humanist. This is your intellectual, the one who relies upon his own power and ideas without giving any credit to anybody or anything unless it is nature, which would make nature their god but they won't agree with that. There is the secular humanist that solely works to enhance human development without any religious aspect and there are religious humanists that use texts like religions to show how to live a better life based on treating humans and nature with respect.  This type of system is philosophical and can sometimes be highly political when it comes to the secular humanist. 

3)  The Secular Humanist.  Advancing the human mind and society is their main goal.  Unfortunately they do not understand real truth since they base it on the ideas of mankind.  They do not have any solid standards since they believe in the individual as the one who should make the final decisions. This causes chaotic civilizations whether they agree or not.  Without a set of standards there is nothing but chaos.

  • The Utilitarian searches for pleasure in this life and only this life.  Whatever feels good then that is what they do.  Hedonism is usually connected with this idea.  They view that if the action can benefit the majority of the people then it is the right thing to do.  This is not the most common form of secular humanism.
  • The Liberal is exactly what it sounds like.  They practice the political idea of liberalism.  This is the most active humanist. Liberalism got its start from the Enlightenment Age with the likes of John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the worst, Voltaire.  Some liberals will claim to believe in God but their actions will oppose the truth.
  • The Empiricist also got its start from people like John Locke and Montesquieu during the 1700's.  It is the idea that life should be enhanced by knowledge and by using the senses to feel the pleasures of life.  They told people to seek happiness in this life.  The scientific revolution played a major role in this idea.
4)  The Religious Humanist.  At first it sounds like an oxy-moron.  But religion does not have to mean "God". It also means an interest, belief, or activity that is very important to a person.  The religious humanist believes in treating humans with respect and trying to enhance the human race at the same time.  
  • Buddhism as an example believes in harmony and not hurting others.  It is a religion but God is not needed to believe in or practice Buddhism.
  • Scientology and other groups out there also have these ideas that humans can better themselves with the right ways of living and treating humans in good ways, although Scientology may not be the best example.

5.  The Liberal tries to "open the mind" of people by "opening society" to ideas.  On the surface these ideas seem like the right thing to do such as human rights and promoting personal freedoms.  But when liberalism goes beyond the true issues and try to rationalize everything, it all becomes a mess.

  • The Socialist believes in a total equal society.  That means though pretty much getting rid of religious ideas such as what Stalin did in the Soviet Union and Mao in China.  Darwinism if course stresses that all come from one species but the rationalization is a mess because is also says that the strongest survives.  Marxism stresses that all in society are economically equal but the rationalization is a mess because some work harder than others.  Food may be needed to survive but someone has to grow it and work for it, it just can't be handed out to all. Culturalism includes things like LGBT, feminism, BLM, and others.  They stress social equality but the rationalization is a mess because they do not want to hear the opposing side. They place their own limitations on things and won't admit it.  For example BLM already separate themselves by their own slogan.  Feminism won't include women who oppose abortion.  LGBT still will say that some marriages should not be allowed like a 12 year old and a 50 year old yet say anyone should be allowed.  The Socialist is a living oxy-moron.
  • The Individualist believes all should go after their own happiness at any costs.  It could also be called anarchy if we were talking about politics.  The Egalitarian wants all individuals to have every right they want to live whatever life they want to live no matter what.  The non-conformist is like the anarchist but is more anti-statist.  They will go against all laws or any part of society they feel "controls" or "subdues" the individual.

This is the break down of the side that does not understand truth.  They epitomize Isaiah 5:20, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"  They think they know the truth but they have been brainwashed by the evils of this world.

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