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OK, so you decided to look at the side that can't make up their mind.  Agnosticism is the hardest to understand because they do not understand themselves either.  They are the most conflicted person out there.  Many want to believe but are driven to atheism too many times because of the actions of the theist.  This is not saying that they are bad people.  But they do tend to be the saddest.  They not only fight with the physical world and the spiritual world, they fight within themselves to find some truth to life so they are also fighting the psychological world.
1.  The Skeptic.  This is someone of course who says they go in with an open mind but is always looking for the "ah-ha" or "gotcha" point.  The word they use the most is "but".  They just cannot seem to agree with any kind of religion because of the negativity that surrounds their life.  They see the shortcomings in their life and have to find something to blame and religion is usually the scapegoat.  And they try to use one of two methods to place their skepticism.
  • The Moral skeptic says that they have an issue with God because if there is a God then why all the death, pain, and destruction.  They can never get passed that issue.  No matter how many times you can show the possibility of God, or what they experience, the issue of pain always overshadows it.
  • The Metaphysical skeptic says that they have an issue with God because He can never be observed.  How can God create?  Wouldn't someone need to create Him and so on?  No matter how many times you can show the possibility of infinity of things in the natural world that we can accept as infinite they cannot get passed that He is eternal.

2.  The Uninformed
  • The Uneducated person in this case does not mean someone who is stupid, per se.  It just means someone that simply have never thought about nor cared about religion or God in their whole life.  Their family stayed out of church and left the decision up to them but had never really exposed them to anything.  This really seems to be the generation of those 40 years and younger, which could be the product of being raised by baby boomers who tried to get of God for the most part.
  • The Non-standardized person just lives life as it goes, the fly by the pants, any way the wind blows, go with the flow person.  There aren't may people like this in reality but they are out there.

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