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Monday, June 9, 2014

CVIII. The Wrong Message is Being Sent

This picture has been going around social media for a while now.  And although the idea behind the picture seems admirable and is laden with truth there is one big problem with it.  The wrong message is being sent while the real message is being missed.

The message being sent by this is that men are the cause of all sexual crimes, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual misconduct. This is misleading and actually hurts the case of a young female's insecurity about her body rather than helping it.

Before the argument and name calling starts let's get things straight first.  Men should be taken by their fathers and taught how to treat a female with all respect, honor, and value.  Are males sexist for looking at females and treating them as objects instead of humans?  Yes.  Should males be taught not to "over-sexualize" female body parts? Yes.  Is using "boys will be boys" a horrible excuse for allowing males to get away with their behavior?  Yes.  Is it right to judge a female based on what she wears and thereby treating her as though she has less value in life?  No.  Is it right for males to get away with rape based on a female's appearance?  No.  That seems to be the main points of the message but does this picture tell the whole story?  No.

The missing message is that we have a problem with our culture in general.  The problem with the message of this picture is that it does not train a young girl in how to become a respectable woman.  It only shows and tells her how to stand up against certain practices.  But it doesn't show how to do it in a right way.  It tells a girl to become rebellious only.  As if saying, "go ahead wear things that show your body in a way that is self-disrespecting in order to show a point".  That is not the right thing to do.  Young women should be taught to respect their bodies enough to be modest about it.  Young women should be taught to dress professionally in the work place.  And a s a younger woman going through her pubescent years should not be taught to flaunt it just because you have it.  Bottom line is if you do flaunt it then do not expect complete respect from young men.  This sign just shows how corrupted our society has come when it cares more about the freedom to show your skin than to learn how to respect yourself.  The dress code by schools is meant to keep this kind of drama out of the learning place and should be taught at home.  But parents are not doing their job.

Our culture needs to change.  Our culture needs morals again.  Okay, liberals, feminists go ahead and take all of this out of context and try to mock morality and call this chauvinistic and ancient thinking.  But if you do at least be courteous and uncowardly and let everyone know where you reposted this.

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