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Friday, January 3, 2014

CIV. Christmas No More

It is now after Christmas.  Taking down the Christmas decorations is always a rough thing to do.  As each item comes down another memory is brought back to the forefront of the mind.  Some memories bring tears of joy and others bring tears of heartache.  Lately, it seems there are more tears of heartache.  It's just not the same anymore.  Christmas used to be a "season" and now it has been reduced to barely a day.  Christmas Day used to be filled with excitement to see the joy of people opening gifts of love and now it is a day filled with the joy of seeing which electronic device was on sale.  It used to be "Merry Christmas" and now it is "Happy Holidays".  It used to be a time when people took time out of their schedule to go and spread their love for others by singing on porch steps and sitting by fires telling each other their histories and how much they care for each other and now there is no more time to share because of all the running around we have to do to keep the stores in the black.  There used to be parties of celebration in peoples' homes and now there are just small get-togethers at bars after work.  It used to be for family gatherings, but the family has broken down and kids have to make choices about which parent to spend time with.  No more going to through the woods to grandma's house.  It's not the thought of the gift that counts anymore.  There used to be 12 days of Christmas and now it is a day of the Christmas Story 24 hours on TBS, the one not starring Jesus Christ.  Although there is still the Grinch and Rudolph, there is no more Nestor the long-eared donkey and only an abridged version of Charlie Brown.  No one cares about innocence, only tolerance.  No one cares about sacrifice, only merchandise.  No one cares the cares of others, only their own pride.  No one is willing to let go of their anger for even one day let lone for a whole season.  I guess it is too tough. 
Perhaps the reason why it brings less happiness than it did in the past is because it is a reminder of how we get older and realize that another year has gone by.  Another year of wasted chances.  Chances to help people.  Chances to change people's lives.  Chances to say the right things to people like I love you or I am sorry.  Those chances you may never get again.  Pride has gotten in the way of compassion.  Christmas was always a time for the world to come together and put away its differences, at least in the Christian world.  But the Christian has lost its place in this world or should it be said has given up its place in this world and much of this is our fault.  Instead of stranding for values, we laid down for value.
A friend once said that the reason for the gloom is because it is really not the date of Jesus' birth.  But maybe it is more of the attitude of the human race.  We don't care about each other anymore.  All we care about is ourselves.  Not just Christians but the whole world.  Is it better to be politically correct or to wish someone good cheer?  Why has the meaning been lost?  Where is the season?
The true meaning of Christmas is about hope, peace, and love.  But it was meant for than just one day.  The new year is here, why not start over today and make the meaning last all year, after all the love of Christ is for everyday not just one.

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