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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

XCVII. Generation Y

If you do not know what Generation Y is here is a synopsis of the living generations are:
  • Baby Builders born ca. 1918-1944 or roughly the ages 69-95
  • Baby Boomers born ca. 1945-1968 or roughly the ages 45-68
  • Generation X born ca. 1969-1992 or roughly the ages 21-44
  • Generation Y born ca. 1993-2013 or roughly the ages 0-20
The age ranges will of course vary from historian to historian but this is close to what many would say.  The reasons these generations change is by what happens in history.  Such as 1918 was a new generation because that is when World War One ended and economic problems started to deeply set in until gradually the Great Depression hit.  These people save everything.  You go to their house and they warehouses of things from the past.  This can be accounted for the times when they were younger they had nothing so they were taught to save.  Tom Brokaw called this generation the Greatest Generation.  Now that is arguable but they knew how to survive.  They had faith in times of trouble.  They were patriotic.  They had moral standards.  Unfortunately, they are also very racist.  Archie Bunkers, if you will.  Not giving them any excuses but their parents came out of the Civil War reconstruction period.  It is not right but is was part of their life.  The year 1945 is a new start because oddly enough it was the end of World War Two.  And the joke goes when the soldiers came home they weren't lonely anymore.  These people complain about everything.  They are all about change.  These are your hippies.  They got recycling programs and told the world about the environment.  They opened the way for civil rights.  But they abused drugs and changed traditional values.  They got rid of "right" and "wrong" and replaced it with "what is right for you may not be right for me", thereby getting rid of moral standards.  The year 1968 is picked is because Nixon was elected.  Now at first that sounds like these people were born under a bad sign.  But what it means tot he world is a change in the Cold War.  Nixon although having many problems opened the doors to talks with the Soviet Union and "Red" China.  There is not much positive news for this generation.  This is why they are called "X".  They feel like they have nothing.  They will run out of money by the time they retire.  They are out numbered and out gunned by the Boomers.  They weren't taught values and were raised to be spoiled, hence the Brat Pack.  And the year picked that started this new generation (1993) is the year Clinton became president, the year the Boomers took over politics (a sad day in history).  Their values became law.  This generation is being raised by people who have no idea how to be parents, so they decide not to get married.  Ever seen Maury Povich?  Guess who they are?  Generation Xers having Generation Y babies.
Anyway, why all of this?  Here is a conversation that went on the other day:
Gen X:  Why didn't you show up the other day?
Gen Y:  I texted you and told you I wouldn't make it.
Gen X:  Why couldn't you make it?
Gen Y:  My friend called and wanted me to go with him.
Gen X:  But you told me you were going to be there so I didn't make any other plans.
Gen Y:  What's your point?
Gen X:  When you tell somebody you are going to do something and then you change plans like that it's like you are breaking a promise.
Gen Y:  So, people do it to me all the time.
Here is the point.  We have raised a generation of people who aren't sorry for anything, who have no recognition of consequences, and who have no logical reasoning whatsoever.  All they care about is their stupid phone, video games, and hand outs.  They are unmotivated, uncompassionate, and zombiefied.
With each generation we have gotten worse and worse.  We have fallen away from faith.  We live for nothing anymore, so there is no fight for life.  We have lost sight of what truly matters.  Hard work and respect are no longer earned but expected for no reason.  We only live for ourselves today.  We shoot people because we can't get our way or feel picked on.  We think our ideas are always better and our opinions are more important than others.  The words punishment and discipline are now negative words.
We need to get back to being disciplined--- will power and trained, survival for the soul.
We need to get back to respect--- to get it, you need to earn it, work for it, an award for our soul.
We need to get back to standards--- something to live for, a guide for our soul.
And yes, no matter scoffers say, we need to get back to God--- something to believe in, to save our souls.
Please do not focus on the definitions of the generations because there is so much more that can be said about each.  Do not miss the point.  We have destroyed ourselves by slowly moving away from spiritual matters.  We have lessened what the Word says, and that includes what the Church does.  We have lost the true meaning of what a relationship with God is and that means we lose everything.
You can try and disprove this but before you try please read:


Graciesings said...

As a member of generation Y, I would like to point out a few causes for these problems.

Cause no. 1 is entertainment. My generation has been raised with all kinds of entertainment. As small children, we were encouraged to play and watch television. Our parents and schools never encouraged us to work hard, unless it was work hard SO YOU CAN BE ENTERTAINED LATER. Many of my friends don't know how to think, because all they have actually done is play video games and watch TV. Many other members of the class of 2014 don't know what they will be when thsy grow up, but they'll major in art or drama or puppetry because "that kind of thing is fun." Maybe living to be entertained is fine for a two year old, but these teens are spending money they don't have on entertainment.

Number 2 is the "Kids are so amazing!" culture. The class of 2014 was trained to be selfish. We heard, "You are wonderful!" "You can be anyone you want to be!" "You're so smart!" We got certificates of participation for existing. Educators have written books on how you should never tell a child "no" because that might depress them. The culture has spent years "boosting self-esteem" and if someone isn't perfect it can be blaimed on a disorder, not personality. I am sorry to se that most churches have bowed to these ideas.

Now a bunch of these kids think they're the center of the universe! They try to order everybody else around and wonder why it doesn't work. Most of them aren't Christians. They feel they don't need salvation, since they are naturally wonderful and if they do something bad it is a result of their OCD. And most of them have no common sense. They have never had to work or think. Why should they now?
God bless you,

Gozreht said...

Thank you. Very enlightening. I wish every teenager thought like you! You made some incredible observations Grace.

Entertainment! I teach 9th grade and I remember when I was in 9th grade we had to listen to the teacher speak almost the whole period and we were expected to listen and take notes. Now I agree that is not the best way to teach or learn but the trend to day is we have to keep the students attention...mostly by keeping it fun. Good concept but for the wrong cause. keeping it fun should be so the student will understand that things don't have to be painful learning but the student wants it fun because that's all they want to do in life, no responsibility.

Thank you!!!

hawkssong68 said...

AND...they don't keep score at baseball games anymore!

Gozreht said...

I am not quite for sure what you are making fun of about this topic but your sarcasm is actually a real issue. Teaching there is "no score" sets up major disapppoint in later life. In high school wrestling we call the losers bracket, "wrestle backs" and those who lost, "non-winners". Why? Self-esteem. I am not short, I am just lower to the ground. I am not bald, I am just folically challenged. When I woke up the other day and saw how challenged I was I so much more happy knowing I wasn't bald.

The concept of not keeping score sets kids up to think they will never have a bad day. So even though it seems you are making fun of this post you prove a point.

There are bad times in life. We need to know how to deal with them and not be expected for life to be handed to us.

Parents slack on discipline. So when a child at age 14 says F-you to a house rule, then that parent has no right to day anything if they waited until 14 to teach them consequence.

I fail to see anything to mock this about.

The Church is doing the same thing. Watering down the importance of living a life full of high standardized values. And then we wonder why the world is a hell hole. This world sucks with its crap that it teaches and the church shuts up about it and is a wuss. It is apathetic, weak, a quite frankly chicken sh*t standing up to the world.

A little rant...

hawkssong68 said...

OH. I wasn't making fun of you. I agree one hundred percent. Failure is part of learning. LOSING stinks, but you have to learn to lose.

Just saw your lil rant.

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