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Saturday, February 23, 2013

XCI. The History of Man (Short Version)

Chapter OneThe Big Bang
Before there was anything there was nothing, absolutely nothing.  No time, space, or matter.  Then all of a sudden with one breath of an intelligent designer created everything.
Chapter TwoEvolution
The Intelligent Designer then started to design light and life.  With each new passing of the concept called "day" came a new design  Each day was now counted as time.  The idea of light came into fruition and was placed into the space.  Then life appeared from the earth.  Vegetation grew.  A food chain had been started.  Fruits, vegetables, and lush fields had been pulled from the waters.  Single-celled organisms pulsated and multiplied.  Then self-propelled life formed.  First came the fish from the waters, then birds from the air, then reptiles from the slime, and then mammals from the dust.  Finally a design called man also appeared from the dust of the earth but had within it the essence of the Designer which gave it the ability to survive and be the fittest.  This man was naturally selected to be the leader of all matter.  The whole design was completed and came from matter.  All of the known designs for science was now ready for studying.  Everything that can be discovered was placed into motion.
Chapter ThreeRevolution
Man saw the design and wanted more than just being the leader.  It wanted more.  It wanted to be more like the Designer.  It rebelled.  All the fruits and lush fields would now have to have a price to pay before man could attain some.  The Revolution failed.  Many now saw the Designer as a dictator and stopped following Him.  There has been revolution ever since, each one fails.  No one is perfect.
Chapter Four. A Brave New World
With the revolution came many changes.  Fields dried, man lied, woman cried, paradise died.  Years passed and things just got worse.  The Designer (dictator) chose one of the men and decided to redesign some things.  Although He kept the same design he allowed some changes.  The man he chose took all of the remaining life forms into a huge boat; some were perhaps babies.  Unfortunately, some had already been killed when the revolution happened.  Land shifted, waters crushed, bones were buried, debris floated.  Man was given a second chance to live in a brave new world.  But man would not listen to the Designer again.
Chapter FiveGeneology
One family whose father was a man named Abraham stayed close to the Designer and His design.  Because of this man's faihfulness a promise to bring man back to the Designer was given.  A nation born out of faithfulness was brought forth to save the world from it's arrogant pride.  But even this nation fell into the same pattern that all other nations had.  Even though this nation would falter, the promise to save mankind would still be fulfilled.  But many would not listen.
Chapter Six Pax Romana
Time went on, nations rose and fell.  Then on a quiet night, a young woman gave birth and the promise came into fruition.  The Designer sent a piece of Himself to His design.   The baby grew in wisdom and stature.  When He became a man He taught of love, healed those who were broken, forgave the sinners.  He lived perfectly, but died humbly, and yet resurrected regally.  Even as the world mocked Him, He laid down His life and bled so the world could be forgiven.  He was tortured.  He was bruised.  He was beaten.  He was spit upon.  All for love of His father.  He was the Son of God, yet, many still did not listen.  Even though the ultimate act of love was demonstrated mankind refused to listen.  Instead, man tried to explain it with gnosticism, man tried to forget it during the dark ages, man tried to change it during the Renaissance, but the act of love remained the same.
Chapter SevenGrowing Pangs
The world now, since it rejected the Son, is going through growing pangs.  Man hates man due to arrogance and ignorance.  Man kills man through war and stupidity.  Man destroys the environment through negligence and greed.  Man eliminates animals through insensitivity and sport.  Man thinks he is the new designer and distorts the original idea of the design.  Man blames the original Designer, still thinking He is a dictator and creates new rules saying the design is outdated.  Man hates dictator and still mocks the Son.  Matter is trying to show man that time is ending but man will not listen.  Time is showing man that matter will not last.  The rest as they say is history.  It repeats itself.  Man still denies the Designer.  And even now blames the Designer for all of the problems that man has created.  Man finds excuses about God and the relationship we are to have with Him.  God will soon finish His design and the pattern that He had thought of before time.
Chapter EightSecundo Adventu Veniens
On another quiet night perhaps, the Son will return.  Jesus Christ will return and all those who listened to real history will go with Him to a new Paradise.
The End.

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