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Monday, January 28, 2013

XC. Under Whose Authority?

Parents and teachers are the two most influential in a child's life.  Yet parents aren't being parents and doing what they are supposed to be doing and teachers are limited in what they can do and are being more limited year by year.

For years we create objects for children's brain to be stimulated so we add noise to toys.  We add color.  We add movement.  And what do we get?  A child with ADD placed him on medicine and wonder what is wrong with the child.  We sit kids down in front of a television and don't monitor what is on and they watch things full of violence.  We buy them video games about shooting people and quick gratification.  They get shot and they get lives and rebooted.  We let them play for hours without intervening.  What do we get?  Mass shootings and vain acts of infamy.  We tell them to think for themselves and to stand up for themselves and what do we get?  Sass mouths and disobedience.  We make excuses and say they are going to do things anyway so we tell them to wear a condom and what do we get?  STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
Now that the homes have failed what have we done?  Let the schools deal with it.   Teachers are now told that they have to use a method called differentiation in class.  This method calls for each student to basically have their own plan for leaning.  The teacher has to have different lessons for each individual student to meet their learning needs.  Although this seems fair and serves the child, in the end it defeats the purpose.  No job allows each individual to work in their own way.  They have to learn the basics.  Now if the student wants extra work to learn other ways about a subject, then it should be up to that student to put effort and time into it on their own accord.  Teachers are not allowed to reprimand students anymore.  Cellphones are rapid.  Clothing is tattered and disrespectful for the classroom and the individual.  Administrations are weak and cater to loud mouth parents whose child disrupts the whole system.  Teachers are blamed for the results.  But instead of fixing any problem we tell the teachers that we need to allow the students to make decisions.
But we see their decisions; they are the same unmotivated, selfish, focused on sex, Facebook hampered, systematically pampered, and confused decisions they made in their home life. Their decisions cause them to be overly dramatic. They react based on emotions. They end up in situations that hurt their futures, full of regret. They do not know how to think ahead. They do not know what rational thinking is about.
For years states, teacher's unions, school boards, and even national governments have been running schools and what the mode of teaching is at any given time. The pendulum swings all the time but the axis it swings on it tilted...left.
It is time someone stood up and said STOP!  It is time parents become parents and take back authority from their child.  It is time teachers were given back their authority in the classroom.  Children should be not in control of this world.  Children do not know how to think for themselves.  They need guidance.  They need structure.  They need discipline.  Most of all everything mentioned here has to have a higher authority to set the standard.  Yup...God.

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