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Sunday, December 16, 2012

LXXXIX. Where was God?

With the horrible news of the shootings in Connecticut this week our hearts should go out to all of the people who have suffered through these kinds of tragedies that seem to keep happening and at an alarming increasing rate.  Please pray for the victims and survivors, their families, and yes, even for the shooter's families and him.  Why do things like this happen?  Where is God when these things happen?
Many are going to angry just because this post mentions that God has something to do with it but then again look at the title of this blog.
FOXNews asked Mike Huckabee about this.  And if you go to yahoo, huffingtonpost and all of these other stupid media outlets 99% of the people argue against what Huckabee said.  He claimed the lack of God in schools is what caused this.  And out come the atheists and anti-theists trying to tear him up.  However, what the media and the posters are failing to read is that FOXNews asked Mike to answer like a minister not a politician and posed the question to him about how he would answer those people who are going to ask, "where was God?".  Mike's answer was not how the victim's cut God out of schools like the readers and posters are manipulating others into believing, but just the fact that God is just not allowed in schools.  He simply says if God is not there then we need to expect tragedies to happen.  He wasn't blaming the victims.  His best point was this:  if God is not allowed into the front door then why do we expect Him to be at the back door?  It is amazing though how people don't want to hear about God until something bad happens, then people either turn to Him or blame Him.
Anyway, God had nothing to do with this shooting or any other shooting for that matter.  He doesn't have these things happen so we can learn the correct way.  He doesn't put ideas into the shooter's head.  He doesn't pull the trigger.  This all about man.  This is all about how man wants to live on his own and forget about any morality system.  Man's morality says that God is not allowed in schools.  Now we have to deal with it.  Our lifestyles are all about satisfying ourselves and not living for anything anymore.  We do not know how to interact with people anymore.  We play video games that shoot people and we get satisfaction out of.  We are constantly on our cell phones, not talking but playing games or texting.  We are on our facebooks at home, at work, at sporting events, even at church.  Yes this blog is on a computer and uses the technology to reach the masses, but the writer of this blog also says these things to people face to face!  Albert Einstein once said, "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots," whose survival will depend primarily on being stimulated.  All of the shooters talk about how they want to go out with a bang, be notoriously known, being bullied, or were just plain bored.  One of the first famous school shooters in 1979 is quoted as saying to why she did it is, "I hate Mondays".
So, think and realize, this has nothing to do with God.  It is all about man...and his lack of God.  (of course this will bring the comment about the crusades from atheistic idiots)
But to answer the original question, where was God?  Perhaps we need to look at it this way if we want to talk about God, God is not in the tragedy, He is in the healing.


hawkssong68 said...


The only thing that makes sense is something I heard the other day. That the souls of those kids were more advanced than we can understand...sent here to teach us a lesson...whatever that may end up being.

Believe it or not, I agree with you. We only care ourselves and what's directly in front of us, especially if it's a mirror.

Maybe 2012 is the dawning of a new age of caring and these children will usher us in. One can only hope.

See you soon. Love to you...

Gozreht said...

No one can explain tragedies, yet we all can find blame for them. Maybe Mike was wrong to even answer the question. The end result is stll the same. We lost innocence that day...again. The thought of those Christmas presents lying under a tree waiting for a child to open them that will never get a chance to haunts my mind. To think of those parents wanting to show them love on a day that is supposed to be all about hope and joy will now only feel grief and hopelessness makes me want to scream at the world. When will we all learn to start doing the right things instead of doing only what we want? Maybe I am looking at it the wrong way. Being a teacher and knowing that my students are targets all day long eats me up. Targets between themselves, their parents, advertisements, the world. They have no chance until someone finally says "Enough!".

hawkssong68 said...

Don't forget targets of Big Pharma, too. You know, I wasn't the greatest mom in the world. But, the best thing I ever did for your nephew was REFUSE to allow his school to label him ADD/HD. His second grade teacher wanted to have him tested by an "expert". I refused. No way were they putting my baby on poison. If you and I had been born 20 years later than we were, YOU would have been diagnosed with ADD/HD and placed on Ritalin. I would have been diagnosed broad spectrum autistic and put on Adderol. What kind of life would we have had then? I'm not excusing the latest shootings. But if you look at these last two...at their eyes...I see medication. Parents are too lazy to deal with behavior issues so they shove a pill down the throat of their child as they log onto Facebook. They don't want to take the time to cook healthy foods so they pump them full of Aspartame and MSG and sit them down in front of Honey Boo-Boo.

Yeah. It is our fault. I know more people on medication than not. Especially kids. Parents find it a "badge of honor" to say their child has autism. Psst...it's the food. There are some studies showing that vaccinations are causing these issues. We're taking the "seen, not heard" adage way too seriously. And way too far.

This last one...his mom...had a troubled individual in her home with guns. May as well light a gas can.

So. We go on now. We make a difference by making a difference. We let that guy pull out of the parking lot ahead of us. We let that lady in front of us at Walmart, even if she has more items. We donate our old clothes to homeless shelters and churches instead of hoarding them in case we decide to wear that item one more time. We go serve in a food line or volunteer at a nursing home. We look people in the eye when we say we love them and put the electronics away for a little while. We turn off the TV and play outside. We smile at babies and mentally tell them everything is gonna be all right. We learn to harness the energy and love we feel and share it with others without distraction. We say, "no homework" when our kids are expecting a ton and we do it with a smile. We don't just pray. WE DO SOMETHING. We make a positive change, whatever it is.

It's not God...

We got this.

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