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Friday, November 9, 2012

LXXXVII. Worship 21st Century

Found this from another blog.  This pretty much says it all about what worship has become.
No substance.  All show.  All production.  All masquerading as "reaching the masses".  That actually translates into insincerity, either intended or not.  If all they do this for is to bring people in then they are not doing what the real command is.  Sure they do it to get the message out.  But the message is (cliche time) watered-down to where the message it seems is more like suggestions than commands.  Many of these new worship bands, which in name itself tells the whole story, play each week as if they are playing instead of leading.  Solos, frets, rolls, streams, and lights are now part of the show.

The Church wonders why people do not get involved with any ministries.  The Church wonders why people do not give enough to support the charities the Church supports.  The Church wonders why people don't fully commit their lives to Christ.  The Church wonders why their influence in the world is being lessened as time goes by.  It is because of the Church.  It no longer sets the example in the world so God got kicked out of everyday life.  Now the Church no longer sets the example of what worshiping God is all about.  In both cases the "me generation" is still alive and well.  Make me feel good.  Make me get the stuff out of my life that keeps me burdened.  Give me something I can listen to to feel better about all the mistakes I have made in my life.  And whatever you do don't tell me what I have done wrong.
Overtures, curtain, lights, this is it, we'll hit the heights, oh what heights we'll hit, on with the show this is it.  Bugs Bunny Worship time.  All fun and no work.  Worship is a sacrifice and until Christians understand this then no worship is true worship.

This is not to say that there can't be any fun during worship.  Do not add words to this Thought that is not there.  Worshiping God is supposed to be fun but even more importantly it is supposed to be about Him, NOT us.  And the most important, it is supposed to be real, not staged.


Anonymous said...


I fail to see what is wrong with reaching out to the culture in a way they will understand. I think this video is not portraying the situation correctly.

hawkssong68 said...

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! You are so wrong it embarrasses me to be your sister! If you are going to slam such a revered institution, you should AT the VERY LEAST get your facts right!

It's "overture, TURN the lights"~!

Come on!

Gozreht said...

What you fail to see is how wimpy the church has become. It's one thing to reach out to the culture but to become one with the culture is not the correct thing to do. What I get so upset with is the whole culture of today is a "gimme" culture. All we want is something for ourselves, whether it is religion, politics, marital lives, relationships, work or whatever. All we want in life is to get something out of things for ourselves. All we want is to be entertained and given things the easy way. Worship is not supposed to be like that. Yet we cater to a generation who is stuck in this mode. It is not Biblical nor does it even work. If it worked the world would be in a better place because Christians would be doing things they were supposed to be doing. There would be no need for taxes for services because the Church would take care of people. There would be less poverty anyway because there would be less people taking advantage of others. There would be less war, sickness, abortions, murder, and any thing of the like IF the church would do what they are supposed to do. But how can we when all we care about is entertaining people. I am sick of it.

Gozreht said...


You made me go look for the words. I changed it to the ones I have found the most consistency with. But keep in mind none of what I said is or was supposed to be making fun of any of it. The Church is a sham sometimes but out of all the things we don't take for real, it shouldn't be this one. Our first and foremost command is to worship God, real worship. One day we all will do it, some by love and choice, others will be made to bow their knees by the sheer presence of God. But shame on the Church for being one of them.

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