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Saturday, October 27, 2012

LXXXV. Diary of a Wimpy Church

Morals, values, and mores (pronounced mor-rays).  These three things have been less net worth in this world as time keeps on slipping away.  And the main proponent for the destruction of these ideals measuring devices is none other than the Church.  Too many pastors, leaders, elders, bishops, and even the congregationalist just sit back and let the culture drive them instead of them driving the culture.
This is why things like the divorce rate in the Church is just as high if not higher than it is in the secular world, of course the secular world in today's time place less value marriage to begin with and decide not to do it anyway so the numbers may skewed a little.  But nevertheless this is just an example of how the Church isn't driving home any messages anymore.  They are afraid of offending people.  They are afraid that they will be considered politically incorrect, without realizing that it is the secular world who came up with that terminology in the first place.  The Church no matter what will always be considered politically incorrect so why not teach what the Bible actually says and not worry about?
Examples that the Church has wimped out on:
  1. marriage fidelity
  2. abortion
  3. family traits and roles and raising children
  4. politics
  5. importance of fathers
  6. abuse and neglect of parents
  7. sexual immorality of ALL kinds
  8. drug abuse and alcoholism
  9. taking care of the sick and needy
  10. evangelism
  11. witnessing
No, today all churches preach about are handling headaches, feeling good about tomorrow, having good music to listen to in church, and how to improve your life in 40 days.  The Church is the wimpy kid on the block.  Hypocritical, childish, and wimpy.
And we wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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