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Friday, September 28, 2012

LXXXIV. The Dreaded Slippery Slope

Coming up on the election season (October through election day) we will without a doubt see all kinds of commercials that will try and persuade our thinking about the opposing candidate.  This is called propaganda, an action usually saved for dictatorial leaders who by any other means can not get elected legally or morally.  There is one type of propaganda that is probably used more than the rest and that is called Slippery Slope.  Slippery Slope: A tricky precarious situation, especially one that leads gradually but ultimately to disaster.  Such as:  If this one candidate gets elected grandma may be thrown over a cliff.  Although most slippery slopes are used only to put fear into the other side of the argument many slopes are real and need to be taken seriously.  If one uses drugs one may get addicted.  Slippery?  Yes.  Slope?  Yes.  Real?  Yes.  If one goes outside in the cold one may get pneumonia.  If one plays with fire, one may get burned.  Other slopes come in catch phrases and cliches.  Give an inch...take a mile.  This is a big one since it rings true with people's values and what they want.  If we give into certain things how much more will we want something else?  What a slippery real slope!

With all that said there are two main sets of values, liberal and conservative.  Sure there may be an in between person as a whole but that person will tend to be one way or another depending on the topic.  If one is completely in the middle on everything then that person just doesn't care about anything and that person will get nowhere in life.  Another slippery, but real slope.  Being a Christian though shouldn't we have a certain set of values that do not waiver?  Shouldn't we have a set of values that do not allow slippery slopes?  Last month's poll:  Which set of values is closer to what a Christian should have?  Here are the results.
  • 47% said, Conservative
  • 4% said, Liberal
  • 38% said, They are equally important
  • 9% said, Neither, no one should be limited in their values
The comment section of http://ideasoftim.blogspot.com/2008/08/7-liberalisms-failures.html explains what a typical conservative view is:
1. Sanctity of Life- stopping the act of abortion
2. Morality System- based on Judeo-Christian values
3. Preserving the Constitution- the original ideas, not the reinterpretation of it
4. Strong Military
5. Family Oriented- Nuclear family traditions
6. Market System
7. Low Taxes
8. Small government
9. Preserving American way of life.
10. Death Penalty- for heinous crimes

There are other issues of course. There will be variants of agreements. But if one disagrees with most of the above or thinks a clarification of or acceptions made to the above are needed then a conservative they will not be.
Over the years these values have been slipping down that slope and have been losing their value in American way of life.  And then we wonder why on www.realclearpolitics.com that about 66% of us think we are headed in the wrong direction.  Stop the slope.  Bring the true conservatism back.  Some will of course say that if we did that then we will have digressed thirty years and will have lost all kinds of progress made with civil rights movements.  This did not say bring the conservatives back, it says conservatism.  Follow this slippery slope.
Radio:  1920's  music and books and plays acted over the air waves, all family-oriented
Radio:  1960's music about drug use and promiscuous sex on air all the time but at least disguised
Radio:  1990's Howard Stern...
TV:  1950's family-oriented, I Love Lucy didn't even show them in same bed.
TV:  1970's family-oriented, Mike and Carol in the same bed after extending family
TV:  1990's NYPD Blue, first nudity shown on air
TV:  2010's  Jersey Shore (joke), On Demand, Pay per view
Movies:  1950's no rating system
Movies:  1970's G, PG, R
Movies:  1990's G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R
We could go on and on about topics where the slippery slope actually was real.  So to say that the slippery slope is just a scare tactic and only extremists want these changes is inaccurate.  It happens.  Religions will hold less value soon.  Marriage is already being changed.  Taxes are being used for the wrong problems.  Abortion is being more widely accepted.  There is no more shock value because we are becoming used to it and immune to the slope.  Liberal values are that slippery slope.  They just keep sliding and opening what they think are opportunities and freedoms, but what they lead to is law suits and chaos.  Liberal values are not needed for liberalism has no set standards.  Maybe having a few liberal ideas are okay to have (but no one has shown any yet) but Christians need conservative values and need to vote for them.

Obama is not that vote.

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