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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LXXX. The Sound of Music

Music was created for the soul to express itself in a heartfelt way.  The beat of music usually can coincide with the beat of the heart.  If one is feeling pumped and ready to move then an upbeat tempo may suit them.  If one is feeling low and depressed then a slower tempo perhaps would make them be able to express their emotions.  There are different reasons for music.  These are some: entertainment, love and other emotions, poetry and art, dance, and even teaching.  Most can be combined if you find the right words and melody to put together.  But there is another reason that is specifically designed to do one very important thing--worship.  Sure you can also combine some of the other reasons with worship but there is something that is definitely needed; the right words and meanings.  To understand what worship is please read the following:  http://ideasoftimreligion.blogspot.com/2008/08/iv-worship.html

In 1984, Prince (and he was called Prince then) and the Revolution created the LP called Purple Rain.  In one of the songs the lyrics mention the "after world".  And since he did this many people thought he had a positive message and may even be spreading a Christian-like attitude.  Of course later on in the LP Little Nicki destroys any notion of that feeling.  Anyway the point being made or the question being raised is, how much music can be considered positive or even pleasing to God?  Just because Godly values may be mentioned, does that mean it is a Godly message?  Through two sites and 55 votes here are the results from last month's poll:  Should secular music ever be played in a church service?
  • 47% said, It's okay if it has a point to it.  This would be okay as long as the point was not to worship God with.  If it was a teaching point such as one reader explained that his church used AC/DC's Highway to Hell to get people to understand without Jesus we would all be on a highway to hell.  Ok.  But that should not be used a s a worship song.  There is a huge difference between playing a song and using it as worship.  There is a huge difference between what churches call a worship "service" and real worship.
  • 29% said, No. There are enough Christian and worship songs.  This is perhaps the best answer.  There are so many songs today that nothing else is needed.  And if that isn't enough there is the original "song book" with Psalms.  But then again, some songs are remade by Christian artists and they have tried to add a Christian meaning.  If the meaning is there and it is meant for the glory of God then it is still okay.
  • 9% said, It's okay because it is a way to reach the unreached.  How is using a secular song going to reach an unsaved generation?  True story: A certain church service used a song by a modern pop rock band as a worship song. The song did have a strong message and if some words were taken out it could have been mistaken for a Christian song. But the band, when looked at from a fuller picture, does not have the most positive message for people to hear in other songs (sexual content, vulgar language). What type of message is this church giving to the congregation and the culture that is looking for Christ? They are showing that there is no difference between the way one is living and the way one should be living. Do you worship God by using non-meaningful words to stir a secular emotion? This is what someone once called a manufactured emotional high. It's not real. And then try to tell people the greatness of God.???  Worship is not for the unreached.  It is for the believer to be used as a way of expressing his/her feelings back to God.
  • 7% said, It's just wrong no matter what.  Maybe not no matter what, see above reasons.
  • 4% said, Yes. There is nothing wrong with it at all.  So, to worship God we should sing Madonna's Like a Virgin, because maybe she is singing about Mary?  For those who answered this way you need to learn what worship is all about.  There is a line that should not be crossed.
  • 4% said, Other.
The type of music isn't the question.  It could hymns of old.  It could be dance.  It could be pop.  It could be rap.  It could be hard rock.  It could be non-instrumental.  It even could be country if it had to be.  It's the message that counts. You could have the slowest of songs played with harps and a piano but have the worst words in the history of mankind.  And it could go the opposite way as well. Many hymns came from secular songs and many do not even have worship elements since they only tell of an emotional story, so even some of them are just not correct to use, as worship that is.  It's not the loudness of it.  It's all about the message and meaning.

Although man is the instrument, God is the musician.  The instrument should play for the musician.

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