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Sunday, January 1, 2012

LXXIV. Who Do You Say I AM? Part 3

He was a man.  He was born into this world just like everyone else.  He was not hatched.  He did not just appear.  He did not float down to the earth full grown.  He was born into flesh and blood by ways of the natural world.  His mother was a real woman.  She may have been quite young, no one really knows, but nevertheless she was a real woman.  His adoptive father was real.  He was faced with the problem that he was engaged to a woman who was pregnant with a child that was not his.  Jesus' life started out with controversy.  One of the worst things a child has to hear is that parents really are not his own.  We have certain derogatory names for children in that situation.  Even before Jesus was born He was facing the trials and tribulations of the flesh.

He grew up just like any other child.  He cried as a baby.  He fell down during playtime.  He enjoyed all the things that children enjoy.  His parents weren't perfect.  When He became a teenager He was left in the synagogue by His family and they didn't even know He was gone.  He was HOME ALONE.  But He didn't panic.  He was in His Father's house.  He had come into age.  This was His bar mitzvah if you will.  He was now responsible for His own actions.  From here on out life must have been difficult.  The temptations of this life became even more real since now His fate was in His own hands.

When He became an adult, we see even more humanity come out in Him.  His mother told Him what to do at a wedding, and He listened to her just like any other 30 year old still living at home.  But then He started His ministry.  During these three years, He showed all kinds of human traits.  He cried when one of His friends died.  He became angry when people were doing wrong.  He felt compassion for those who had infirmities.  His heart longed for humanity to be better.  He feared death.  He did not fear the afterlife, but death in the physical realm.  He laughed.  He told stories.  He got tired.  He got lonely.  He felt burdened.  He felt humiliated.  He was bruised.  He bled.  He felt betrayed.

In the end, His death was not due to the Crucifixion.  His death was not due to any human action save for sin.  In the end, He died because He gave up His spirit.  He was done.  All He could do for humanity was done except for this one last thing; giving up His life for us.  When the soldiers went to break His legs since they didn't want anyone hanging there on Sabbath, His were not.  His body was already just a shell.  When the soldiers checked on Him they stabbed Him in the side with a spear.  Blood and water flowed from the wound.  In the end, He died of a broken heart.

He was man.  But, He raised from the dead.  He was God too.

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