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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LXXIII. Who Do You Say I AM? Part 2

If you have come to this point you are now willing to accept Jesus was real or you still are open to the idea He might be.  Many Christians still have a hard time understanding these because they do not believe that Jesus did the things that the Bible says He did.  Without these things happening, Jesus would be no different than Buddha, Vishnu, Confucius, Mohammad, Joseph Smith, and others who had what they considered ways to enlightenment or spiritual greatness.  If these things did not happen historically then Jesus is no better than Harry Potter, Gandolf, Merlin, and others who fairy tale like performed magic.  Rest assured Jesus did these things.  Below is a list of things Jesus did.

Miracles by Jesus. These are real. Not one is symbolic, yet they all have a lesson with them.
  1. healings of sickness, infirmities, and deformities
  2. resurrections
  3. demonic deliverance
  4. transfiguration
  5. prophecies
  6. defying natural laws (water to wine, walking on water, feeding of multitudes, calming storms)

Lessons (short version).  These (and more) are real life lessons and have obvious meanings.  He really said them.
  1. born again
  2. the sabbath
  3. divorce
  4. sexual relations
  5. personal relations
  6. attitudes
  7. money
Parables (short version).  These (and more) are life lessons but have a deeper meaning.  He really said them.
  1. talents
  2. wedding banquet
  3. treasure
  4. lost sheep
  5. lost coin
  6. rich man and Lazarus
  7. good Samaritan
  8. prodigal son
  9. mustard seed
Things He did as God. These things made Him man and God simultaneously.
  1. forgave sins
  2. gave up His own spirit
  3. took sins upon Himself
  4. Resurrected
  5. freed those in captivity
In essence, the Bible states things are real, things can be used as lessons, and that Jesus was fully God and fully man. If there is any doubt about any of these things then calling yourself a Christian needs to be redefined and you need to reevaluate your relationship with God.  But these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Jesus did so much more than what we have in writing.  Main is point is He was a real man, doing real things, but doing them with the authority of God.

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