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Thursday, July 14, 2011

LXIV. The State of Morality

When a Christian tries to talk about morality the question always comes up, "what makes your morality system better than others?".  Or at least something close to that.  Usually the answer, by the Christian, given is "we were founded upon Christianity and those are the morals that made this country".  Whether one believes it or not, does not matter.  Whether this is factually correct or not, does not matter.  Although, one would be wrong to not believe those things, but that is a different argument.

The real question should be, "why does having a moral system be important?".

There was a radio broadcast that was asking its viewers why things were getting so bad.  No one had a real answer.  Most answers conflicted with the ones before it.  The reason why is because we have all strayed from a central morality system and have branched off into other directions to the point that no one can see eye to eye anymore.  Even Christians who say that have a morality system do not follow it like they should or churches have watered down the importance of Biblical teaching so much that Christians have become lackadaisical in their lifestyles.

Anyway, the radio topic opens a whole world that needs to be explored.  Why is the culture of America breaking down?  Why is the view that most Americans have on their own country is that we are going in the wrong direction?  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/direction_of_country-902.html  Politicians can't help.  Ideologies can't solve anything.  "Religious" experiences, like Madonna's or Tom Cruise's, aren't for real.  They are placing band-aids on wide open wounds.

The real problem is that we have a morality crisis in this country.  It has been in Europe for decades.  But many will agree with these statements because their morality system is being questioned.

The answer to why have a morality system is easy to give.  It sets standards for people to live by.  If there are no standards, there is no order.  If there is no order, there is chaos.  If there is chaos, there is no purpose in life.  So people understand that morality systems are needed.  One reason why we all argue is that we have our own morality standards.  But these standards are coming from the flawed minds of men.  This cause too many differences thereby causing too many arguments. 

Now, comes back the question everyone turns this into, what makes Christian morality system "better"?  Do not get Christianity and Christians mixed up.  Although they should be the same, they are not.  Christianity was founded up the actions and mind of Christ.  Christians are imperfect and based their lives on actions and minds of men.  Before you read this list below, read the following post  http://ideasoftimreligion.blogspot.com/2008/08/perfection-of-christians.html.  Anyway, Christianity is a morality system that is needed and best because:
  1. It is based in love for God and people.
  2. It supplies wisdom to live a life that is beneficial for the one living the life and for those that life is surrounded by.
  3. It supplies guidelines to keep society moving forward in a positive direction.
  4. It allows for unity.
  5. It calls for peace.
  6. It supplies a pathway to a higher power.
  7. It leads to discipline that helps one deal with problems.
Now some people would say that this could be said about all or at least other religions, even non-religious thinking.  But that is not true.  They may fulfill 6 of these points.  But nothing else can fill all 7.  Some would say that not all 7 are needed.  But that is rationalization for people to keep living their lives the way they want to.  And that leads to no consequences which of course leads to the way society is today.  No morals.

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