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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LXIII. Public or Private?

A big difference between the to political parties today is about choice when it comes to schooling. The GOP argues that parents should have a choice on where to send their kids to school while most DEM say that would cause some schools to be less productive. The GOP would like to give out vouchers to those parents since most of these schools that would take these vouchers are private schools and cost a lot of money. What's the problem with people wanting to send their kids somewhere to get a better education? Nothing. But who says that just because they are private that they would automatically be better? Here are the results of last month's poll:  Is public education good enough?
  • Yes. I send my child or would send my child to public schools. 3 (15%)
  • No. But I still send or would send my child to public schools. 11 (57%)
  • No. I send or would send my child to a private school. 3 (15%)
  • No. I home school or would home school my child. 2 (10%)
Bottom line is you can get an education anywhere. On the streets, in church, by conversation, and in any school setting.

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