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Friday, October 8, 2010

LIII. Existence is Fragile

Summary of thought #52:
  1. God did not put us here to be alone. We are here for each other.
  2. God did not put us here and leave us alone. We will exist even after this life.
  3. God did not put us here for Him to be alone. We will be called home.
  4. God did not put us here to feel like we're all alone. He came down to be with us.
  5. Existence is not futile it has a purpose.

But if that is the case then why do all of us hurt? Starvation happens all around the world. People can't afford their bills. People cheat on each other and get divorced. Men abuse women. Adults abuse children. People rot away with alcohol or drugs. Depression sets in to millions. Parents get old and become helpless. Children catch diseases that they do not deserve and we have to sit back and watch these things. And then after all that, people die. What is the purpose of us going through all kinds of hell. Why does God allow these things to happen to good people? Before you read on take time to read thought #11. http://ideasoftimreligion.blogspot.com/2008/09/xi-death-becomes-us.html.

God does not allow things to happen that are bad to punish us. He allows things to happen to prune us. In the book of John, Jesus talks about pruning the branches that do not yield fruit. Even though the tree has a purpose, it goes through some hard times. Its branches are pruned through those rough times so that it can grow back better and more fruitful than before. Pruning helps the plant be revitalized. Although sometimes cutting the plant seems futile and perhaps fatal, it actually helps the plant for the future. Pain may be part of our pruning. So though you may go through times you feel like you won't get through, the pain has a purpose. Life is fragile but it doesn't mean it has to break you.

God knows what pain is. His creation hates Him. His creation turned their backs on Him. His creation tried to execute Him. But He turned it around and sacrificed Himself for us. Take a look at the video below. Maybe it will help you understand.


Monday, October 4, 2010

LII. Existence is Futile

Age old question: Why are we here?

Why do we exist? Are we doomed to death? If God knew we were going to sin then why did He create us? And if sin sends us to hell then does that mean God created us to be doomed?

This is a huge argument that the atheist will use. They claim that if God is a loving God like Christians claim He is and since He is supposedly all-knowing then how could He create someone He will eventually condemn to hell? Apparently, He isn't as loving as Christians claim He is. And if one aspect of God that Christians claim isn't true then how can any of His aspects be true? Therefore there is no God.
First of all read this post: http://ideasoftim.blogspot.com/2010/03/64-rationalize-liberal-thinking.html and then read the rest of this thought. To the atheist there is no answer that will suffice but for the rest of us here is a shot at it.

Why were we created? We were created for multiple purposes. The biggest reason is to one day be a companion with God. But while we are on earth we are here to worship and love God. We are here to help one another because we are not perfect beings. We all hurt and need to be companions for each other as well. But if we aren't perfect then why didn't God just create us perfect or create us to be placed in heaven to begin with and not here first? To put it into human analogy, have you ever painted, sculpted, baked or done anything that involved creating something? What you have created is from you, of you, by you and mostly for you. But it can never be you. It takes on your personality. It takes on your essence. Those who see your creation know that it came from you because it is a reflection of you. But it is still not you. The artist loves his creation. The writer would love to become part of his book and react with his characters that he created, even though he may know the disposition and fate of his characters.

God did not create us perfect beings because there would have been no real love or relationship between Him and His creation. He gave us a free will to choose to have that relationship or not. Yes, God knows what your future is. But fore-knowledge is not predestination. Fore-knowledge means you allow things to happen which means real love has a chance to happen. Predestination means He caused it to happen. (It is in the opinion of this writer that predestination is not accuracte) Predestination takes away the feeling of real love or the choice to have real love. This idea causes the atheist to hate God. The feeling of predestination causes despair.

Remember the artist can not become part of his creation but God can and did. He chose to become one of His own and lived among us. He felt the same things we do. He hurt and loved the same things we do. He witnessed the same joy and atrocities we do. He became part of us to show His creation He understands who we are and why we are the way we are. Even better He made a way for us to become part of Him.

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