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Sunday, October 11, 2009

XXXIX. I'm Sorry.

I usually do not personalize my postings. But I need to tonight. Thinking of you...
There is a tragedy that is happening in our country; our own genocide that we keep failing to address. Our children are growing up in a way they were never meant to grow up. Why? One word.
The species that God told to be in charge of the family, to make sure that the bond of love stays strong in his household and to watch over each one in his care so that the devil will not snatch them. We have failed. We have walked away from our responsibility. We have ran when blame came our way. We call children hurtful names. We put them down. We abuse them. We neglect them. What have we done? We need to fall on our knees and ask forgiveness from God and them.
Young men do not have the examples of what they are supposed to be in their lives and they become over-bearing monsters to the women they marry and to the children they conceive. They follow in the footsteps of the jerks who left them alone and become hateful maniacs willing to hurt those around them because they don't know how to love anyone.
Young women do not have the love from a man who should be there to protect them from men who are not worthy of their daughters. They "fall in love" with the first man who pays them a compliment because they don't know what love from a man really is. They become lonely people who think no one cares about them and feel like they have no where to turn.
Good job men. What you have done is turn these beautiful innocent little children into waifs. What you have done is turn these pure little lambs into beasts who want to destroy themselves. They drink to forget what has happened. They get high to live in a fantasy away from what has been done to them. They cut themselves thinking the pain they cause themselves is easier to take than the pain that we have caused them because they trusted us and we have let them down. The physical pain will heal but the emotional scars will not. When the cutting isn't enough they feel like they have to do something else. And then the genocide begins...
Young men, young ladies, it's not much but I am sorry. I am sorry for what has happened to you. I am sorry that someone you loved has abandoned you to the life you have. I am sorry that the man who is supposed to be there as daddy is not there for you or has done things to you that a daddy should not have done.
(Personal) For those who know what I am talking about, I love you. I wish I could help your daddy be a daddy. I can't take their place but you can always use me if they can not be around. But even more importantly, always remember there is a Father in Heaven who will always love you and wants to be your daddy (Abba) as well. I pray for you.

NOTE: This thought has been referenced in on an athiests blog.  They tried to rip it apart but all they did was misunderstand what the real story is.  They tried to make me sound like a sexist.  When the real message here is that men are jerks!  Men do too many things that are wrong and against women.  If men did the right thing then most actions against women would stop.  Would someone tell me what is wrong with that idea?


TheDish said...

You said it all... Everything that needed to be said...I wish some of these guys could read this and understand.. but that is sometimes too much to ask...

Anonymous said...

It's tough when you preach & teach about a Father in Heaven to a teen & their own father they should be able to see, touch, feel & trust is out of the picture! If teens & ALL OF US would take the time to get a real personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they would find that He is the ONLY ONE that will not let you down! You just have to take that step even if you don't "FEEL" like it. Remember, love is not a feeling it's a decision! B

Da Bomb said...


So true man,
I have just been back from Promise Keepers in NZ and I just thank God for places like that where men are taught to be men. It really is a real encouragement!

You are so right, in our society we need men to stand up as men, to defend the weak and not to mistreat them.

Cum on guys, let's be men! real men! Godly men!

Gozreht said...

Thanks for the comments. The only probelm is this message is not being spread enough. Only 50 or so people may read this posting and such. And half will disregard it anyway. But even worse those who need to hear this wouldn't listen to it. They wouldn't see themselves as the problem but only having problems. With no disrespect to women here when I say this but the world does revolve around men. We have the highest of responsibility placed on us by God. If we fail, the world fails. If our family fails, guess whose fault it is.

True there may be certain circumstances that do not follow this "rule", but for the most part it's accurate.

Our wives are our reflection of who we are. Our children are our reflection of what we have done. Our world is a reflection of what we have cared about. But we as men are a reflection of what God is supposed to be here on earth!

And we have not been that man!

mauvedeity said...

I read your article. It's well argued, and well written. I agree that we're having problems in society, and that we need to address them, starting with our children.

However, I have but one small question. Why do I need your God to do this? I am a man, a father, and a husband. I look after my own son as well as I can. He knows that I have never let him down, and trusts that I never will. If I say I will be there for him, I'll be there. If I make a promise, I keep it. If he has done well, I praise him, and if not, then I correct him. I do all of this without your (or anyone's) God. He knows I love him more than I love myself, and he also knows that won't change.

In the same way, I look after my wife as best I can. She and I face life together, working as one to make the best life possible. We have no God.

I don't think I'm missing anything. I'd be interested to hear your comments.

Gozreht said...


You should be commended for your life's actions. From what I am hearing from your post is that you are someone who cares deeply about the future, your wife and your children. Take heart that you are doing the right thing. If you are not abusive in any way then you are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

To answer your question, it really isn't that small of one. It is perhaps the largest question that one could ask. Please note, I am not a doctor of psychology or anything. I teach social studies. My hobbies include watching people and learning who they are by what they do and act. My wife and I go to amusement parks, she rides the rides for fun, I look at the varieties of humans that pass by. :)

I say that because I am not claiming to be an expert but just what I observe.

We need God as a starting point. Godly values should be in our lives. Discipline, morality, fruits of the spirit (gentleness, kindness) and most of all love is the basis of character. Without these things we degrade who we are, our purpose in life. These may even seem like common sense to use, especially to people like you and I who seem to be hopefully doing the right things. But some people do not use these. Instead of discipline they use abuse. Instead of morality they have a care-free, who cares way of life. Instead of gentleness and kindness they use violence and hatred. And instead of using love they use apathy. Love is a verb. Apathy is the opposite of a verb, you do nothing.

You seem to have these values. Whether you believe it or not you have Godly values in your life already. The Bible calls for us to be like you!!!!! Too many of us are not.

Do you need God to raise children? Well we are doing it. But have you seen the way the world is? Even Christians raise their children sometimes in a way that goes against Godly values so we're part of the problem.

This posting is mostly for Christians who should know better. It's a call to be the man we were created to be, which most aren't.

You sir, seem to be doing what is called of us. My only hope for you is that you see there is one thing you are missing. We are not perfect. You may be there for your family all the time. But we all fail at one time or another. If we have God in our background, even human failure can not destroy us. But as I see it if there is not God in the background, lives are destroyed and never put back together.

I hope I laid some foundation for your question. You keep being the man you are in this posting! You are showing Godly values and I pray more people will be like you. But I also pray that you will see there is one more thing you need to do. Lead your family to Christ. With all the greatness that you do, this action will be the greatest of all. You will lead them to eternal life!

Take care and please comment anytime. I am sure you and I can have great conversations (and civil).

Anonymous said...

The important idea i feel behind this post is not about God, but about being a real man. A real man is not going to abuse anyone. From what I am getting from this reading is that you must know someone who has been abused by their father. So i agree with you that we need to say we're sorry. It doesn't matter if we believe in God or not at this point. We're a shameful "species" as you have said.

And because of that to all who have been abused. I am sorry.

Gozreht said...


You read me correctly. And I am tired of hearing about the abuse. One way or another it has to stop. I would prefer that people turn to God as well. But one step at a time I guess.

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