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Saturday, October 31, 2009

XLI. The Beginning of Man

Were we as humans part of an accident waiting to happen? After the accident occurred were we as humans waiting for our existence to appear after billions of years of evolutionary change? Did we have to wait our turn to become the dominant species or were we always here, in one shape or form? With some exceptions, the following generalization should be pretty accurate. The pure Creationist will tell you that man has always been here since day 6 of God's creation. The Christian scientist may add that man has always been man but it did take billions of years for him to exist. The pure Scientist will tell you that man as we know today had to wait his turn but may have had ancestors being the dominant species for millions of years. The non-believer, non-scientist will not have any idea anyway. What was the beginning of man?

Could man just be an ape like creature that has developed into an intellectual monster over years of genetic change and mutations? Why is man and ape so similar to each other? There has to be a connection. Perhaps there is.

Man is animal-like. But by scientific definition, man is an animal. He belongs to the animal kingdom. He belongs to the primate family. But he does not belong to the same genus and species as with other primates. Here, he is on his own. There must be a reason why we are not closer to each other. Even science claims there is a difference at this point.

Evolutionists claim that we have many ancestors but can not really find that "missing link". Each new find they will use as part of their evolutionary thought process which they will claim makes them right. But with each new discovery there usually is something just not making the complete connection. Evolution means small changes over a long period of time. Most species that have been found are still too far apart in their genetic make up from each other to be that last link. Why? Probably because there is no final link. Usually, when they find a "link" they only find one of its kind. Maybe this one just happened to be the malformed creature of its genus. Sometimes there have been more than one of that link found in one place or even spread out in the world but if you look at the species they claim to be humanoid, homind, or man-like you can judge for yourselves. The following website has concept drawings of what some feel these creatures would look like: http://www.archaeologyinfo.com/species.htm. Perhaps they are just apes that have been extinct. We have killed off many of species of primates already. The mountain gorilla could be one of the next ones to go.

Man may be animal but only because God made man from the same material that he made animals; flesh. But there is a huge difference. Man may be the same on the outside but on the inside, not organs and things but deeper than that, man is completely different.

Life itself varies from its makeup from life forms to life forms. Plants are alive. They reproduce. They have "blood" in them. They "breathe". But they can not think. They do not reason. They are not animals. Fish, birds, Amphibians and reptiles are alive. They are animals but they are cold blooded animals. Their instincts rely on their environment. They migrate due to weather patterns. They feed off each other. They do not reason and therefore are dependent upon their surroundings for survival. Mammals are alive. They are warm blooded. Many can reason and can survive outside their environmental settings. Their brains are larger than the rest and therefore can not only react in a flight or fight mode but can investigate the situation. Man however is beyond all of this. Plants are monochotomous. They have physical reaction but that is it. Animals besides man are dichotomous. They react physically and mentally to its surroundings. But man is trichotomous. We not only have physical bodies for reaction to our environment and mental capabilities to reason and investigate but we have a spirit within us given by God. We have compassion, we can predict outcomes because we have a conscience and can learn from our mistakes. We have a morality system. The problem is many think we are just animals and so we act like animals. We act on instinct instead of values. When we fall on desperate times we act like animals. We fight or fly. When we rely upon God we remain different from the rest of creation. We are not animals in this instance. We are spirits with flesh. Our beginning came from a Creator. Our beginning starts with our Creator. The beginning of man is in God's image.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I once saw a PBS program on finding the fossil remains of our pre-human ancestors, in which the archealogist found 2" diameter a piece of what he claimed to be skull bone. This was the only piece found, from which he constructed an entire skull that just happen to match a missing section of the evolutionary sequence he was looking to fill. Is this brillance, luck or bias? A. Bias backed by junk science!
If you believe in evolution please know that those scientists promoting this theory are very biased and largely unable to consider evidence contrary to their own narrow pre-determined conclusions.

PersonalFailure said...

Man is animal-like. But by scientific definition, man is an animal. He belongs to the animal kingdom. He belongs to the primate family. But he does not belong to the same genus and species as with other primates. Here, he is on his own.

The exact same thing could be said of any animal.

Gozreht said...

And unfortunately those who support evolution will say the same thing about creation. But here is the big difference and again someone who believes in evolution will not agree and that is okay: creation starts at the beginning and uses facts to go forward, evolution starts in the middle and works its way back and uses facts to try and explain the present. I have always found it better to work from the beginning. Science (real science) that can be proven without flaw, i.e., the natural laws of the universe are constant and will not have holes. Evolution has holes. The word of God does not. Oh some will say that there is contradiction and stuff but it's only out of misunderstandings, out of context, or in some case out of ignorance. And that is where we should come in. Explain the misunderstandings, put things into contexts and forgive the ignorance, for we live in a generation that has lost God. But we as Christians most of the time argue the ignorance and become arrogant sounding. Thanks for the comment. Hope people are listening.

Gozreht said...


100%. That is why I say man is in scientific (physical) terms an animal. We can behave like an animal as well. We can act on instinct instead of faith. Instinct can get us into trouble. Faith (the right faith) can deliver us from our troubles. Man in the physical realm can be manipulated by the enivronment like an animal. But a man who lives by the Spirit can over come that. Animals can not. They are bound by the physical world.

Thanks for commenting. Please stay around. Your comments are valuable to all who read and want to learn. Whether we agree or not we are in this world together and hope we can learn from each other.

Take care.

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