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Sunday, May 31, 2009

XXXI. Simple Complexity #3

The Bible

The Complexity:
Did you know?

  • It was written by men and women, giving us views from both angles.
  • Many of the books actually may have been one at one time but were separated by man due to the subject matter (Ex: Luke and Acts).
  • There is not one contradiction in all of its verses.
  • The OT is about God's people who strayed so far they needed rules written down for them to follow (the Ten Commandments). The NT is about God's people who had strayed so far they needed a savior to help them (Jesus Christ).
  • It's also a history book.
  • It's also a psychology book.
  • There were 66 writings found and kept and put together that gives us a complete story on how to live our lives.
  • It is separated into two main parts, an Old and New Testament, each having its own purpose.
  • It spans about 2000 years but talks about roughly 6000 years of man's existence.
  • It is the best selling book of all time.

But did you also know?

  • The people in the OT at first did not have to live by the Ten Commandments. They lived by faith. But since they lost their faith God gave them a second chance and allowed them to see how He wanted us to live so He wrote down ten righteous acts to live by.
  • The people in the NT did not live by the ten rules anymore, so God knew the only way to save His people was to send a savior, and so today we are living by faith once again. There will not be another second chance.
  • Some of those who wrote the bible or were bible heroes were uneducated, had speech impediments, were murderers, cheaters of money, even prostitutes, yet God used them to tell us what life is all about and changed them as well.
  • Each book represents Christ in its own unique way. So no matter what book in it you read, it's about Christ.
The Simple:
Did You know?
  • It has never lost its relevancy, each subject is still for today's person with problems.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

XXX. What do you want?

Here are the results of the latest poll; What would you like to learn more about from your studies?
  • (61%) More about the deep stuff no one ever teaches about. People want more. There is so much more to the Christian life that we do not know. There is so much more that God wants us to know that we do not explore. There is so much in the Bible that we do not comprehend. There is so much more that we can learn that we do teach. Why are we not there? It could be the culture we are in. We are bombarded with anti-Christian issues and ideas that turn people off. We are lazy. We are selfish. And there are a slew of other reasons. But the main reason here is church leadership. Too many places have leaders that don't teach. Their focus is more on getting programs going that will bring people into the church. There is a problem with that. See Thought XXVIII for that explanation. The people who said this answer are the core of the church. They are done with the milk. They want substance but the church leaders aren't giving it to them. And when asked why they aren't getting it, the answer from the leaders is usually along the lines of "well, you should be teaching others yourself". That is true but then there is no growth for them.
  • (55%) More about why we believe what we believe. This goes to show that no one knows what their faith is all about. They believe things about the Bible and church and all of the things that go with being a Christian. But, they have no idea how they got there. Why do they actually believe in something? They were either raised that way or had a mentor that didn't explain everything to them. The person who answered this is probably someone ready to become part of the core of the church but feels inadequate in their beliefs to become it. Another failure of leadership. Equip the new Christian with some background. Let them know how to defend their faith. Scripture tells us we need to be ready in and out of season.
  • (44%) More about Christ and his relationship with us. This should have been higher. This is the backbone of your faith. This is the treasure that we seek, or should seek. Maybe those who didn't answered this are satisfied with their faith. Never become complacent with your faith. Always grow. Or maybe those who did answer this are the new Christians who want to know more. But then that means 56% need to step up and teach. Either way this number does not show a positive side except that there are some who want to know Christ deeper.
  • (33%) More about the history and books of the Bible. This is probably the more mature Christian. They want to know the background of what they are studying to try and put things into a different perspective.
  • (22%) More about getting through life's trials. Although we need to know these things it doesn't look like many want to keep talking about this subject. Then why do we keep having sermons and Bible studies in our small group settings based on this?
  • (11%) More about Church related issues. This is probably answered by someone who has an issue with the way things are ran at their church. They want to see if things are Biblically sound in their actions.
  • (5%) More about the end times. Maybe this issue has been beaten to death and people are tired of it so no one wants to discuss this anymore. And then again it could be a plot of satan to get the Church unprepared for what's coming. You be the judge.
  • (5%) Something else. Let us know what that something else is. Maybe this number will raise. You answered it now respond to it.
  • (0%) More about the beginning of time. Is it that unimportant? Is Genesis not important?

Now you see the results. It's time for you to comment. Are these correct assumptions and observations?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

XXIX. Simple Complexity #2

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
The Complexity:
Did you know?
  • The term Gospel means "good news". The good news is about how God came down from His throne to live among us to show us the right path to salvation.
  • There are many "gospels" that were written but there are only 4 credited accounts of the life of Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The gospels of Thomas and Judas ARE NOT credible, no matter what Dan Brown says.
  • The earliest one written was about 20 years after the resurrection of Christ; Mark.
  • There were numerous miracles in the Bible however the first miracle of Christ is recorded in only one of them; John.
  • There are 238 separate accounts of the life of Christ in the Gospels.
  • There are no written records of Christ's life from his ages 13-29.

But did you also know?

  • Out of the 238 accounts only 19 are found in all four books. And most of these are about Christ's last week on earth.
  • Every prophecy written in the OT about Christ can be found in the four books.
  • Only one book talks about Christ as an infant; Luke.
  • These words were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Since man can see things in the wrong way the Spirit inspired these men to write down the story of Christ. 1 Thessalonians 2:13
  • There are four books written to show you four different viewpoints; one is for the Jew who can not believe in the Messiah (Matthew), one is for those living in the Roman Empire who need to know Rome was not the only authority (Mark), one is for the Gentile leaning towards earthly ways (Luke), and the other is to show the personal relationship with Christ for all (John).

The Simple:

Did you know?

  • There is one theme in all four: Repent and believe. Matthew 28 16-20, Mark 1:15, Luke 19:10, John 3:16

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