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Monday, February 23, 2009

XXV. The Christian Politician

Can you mix religion and politics?  Yes.  Should a Christian really worry about the political world if they have the promise of being taken care of by the Father?  Yes.  God does not want apathic workers.  Here are some clarifications of Christians and politics:
  1. Politics, although nowhere near the top priority of a Christian, should still not be neglected.
  2. Although God is not a democrat or republican there is still a better choice when it comes to upholding Christian values.
    a. Voting for a candidate that stands for non-Christian values is not proper for a Christian
    b. There is no valid rationalization behind the thinking process of voting for a person standing for non-Christian values. It is still improper. Voting for Obama was wrong. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090123/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_abortion_ban
    c. Not voting is inaction and we are always called to action and thereby not the proper thing to do.
    d. The economy does not match morals. Voting due to the economy is okay when all things are constant, but not okay when values such as homosexuality, abortion and civil rights are on the list.
  3. Setting high moral standards is a duty of Christians and politics can be used in that manner.
    a. "Forcing" people into our values is better than having them force theirs upon us!
    b. Yes, although moral standards have to be changed at the source before anything really happens, but having laws helping with that tasks is better.
  4. High-moral leaders have always set the standard for countries, very biblical.
  5. No matter who the leaders is, hopefully everyone prays that they make wise and moral decisions.
  6. The US may not be God's gift to the world but it is by far the closest than any other in history.
  7. The founding fathers may not have had complete Christian values set for this country but they by far closer than what we have today.
This should help all to understand and no one should put politics above faith.

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