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Sunday, February 8, 2009

XXIV. The Literal Bible

The Bible should be taken as literal, but not always literally taken. Everything in the Bible is truth. Nothing is false, contradictory, or fabricated. It is infallible. But not everything in the Bible could be verbatim to our lives. Yet everything is vital to our lives.

Some scripture is story telling. Y'shua (Jesus) used stories to tell his followers so we can relate and learn what He meant. The meaning behind the scripture in this case is accurate. The history behind the event is true. But the imagery is used for the weak human mind.

Some scripture is history telling. Mattiyahu (Matthew), Luke, Moshe (Moses), and others outline events that really happened. They are witnesses. They tell accurate events of history as told to them or as witnessed by themselves.

Some scripture is poetic. Shlomo (Solomon) and David write songs and their feelings down on parchment. These words help describe their feelings. Sometimes feelings use words we normally do not use in everyday life. However, what they write about is real. Their feelings are real. Their God is real. The event they describe is real.

Some scripture is futuristic. Yochanan (John), Dani'el, and others write what they saw in visions. Some visions were not of this world. They could not be described in their own words. But the visions are real. The prophecy is real. The event they speak about is real.

Some scripture is personal accounts for others to understand how to live. All of the books by Paul have a little bit of everything. The events of life are real. The imagery is meant for teaching. The point blank in your face accusations and encouragements are for us to be taken whole-hearted.

Scoffers do not understand this. They take one verse and misconstrue it to try and prove that the Bible is invalid. They try to lump all the imagery together and say that none of the Bible can be taken literally. They take the literal parts and twist them into words of hatred. They do not read the whole text. They do not know the story behind the story. They are the ones who spread falsehoods, make contradictions and fabricate what the Bible says. This is what children of the Adversary do. Don't believe? Read the Bible yourself.

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