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Thursday, January 1, 2009

XXI. Eleven O'Clock and all is...

Results of December's poll:

16% think that the end of the world is within ten years. Hmmm...a president's term is 8 years. Oh, well. Is the world that bad that God will say He has had enough of what we are doing to His creation? Is it 11:00 PM? Thank God we're not on daylight savings time yet. There may be still time for some redemption and repentance.

66% think we're not going down that path yet but we're getting closer. Is this the last generation? Maybe we're not dead yet but have we shot ourselves in the foot.

16% think we're still quite a way's off. The next 200 years will be the tell tale.

0% think though we have more than 200 years. Any atheists here?

Could it be that we have ran ourselves out of existence? Are we the next major species that will become extinct due to our lifestyles? Time is ticking.

1 comment:

No Doubt said...

With all the prophecy that is coming true before our eyes, it's hard to believe that we are that far off from our Lords return.

I know there has been generations before which claimed to be the terminal generation, but look what has happened within the past 100 years.

1. Israel is a nation again.
2. For the first time in our history, the kings of the east can boast a one million man army.
3. Gog, Magog, Syria along with the king of Persia is aligned militarily.
4. The Roman Empire is almost reunited. I'm waiting for Turkey to join the EU. They have applied for membership.
5. We have the technology for the whole world to see the two witnesses preach, be slained and be resurrected on streets of Jerusalem.
6. The city of Babylon has been rebuilt, ready for the man of predition to move in.
7. As of this past summer, the final preparation for the rebuilding of the third Temple was completed, the garment fitting of the priests. Also, the high priest is of age for the first time in 1940 years.

I could go on. However, whether we are the terminal generation or not, we are definately living in exciting times and along with many, I am looking forward to the imminent return of our Lord and Savior. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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