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Friday, October 24, 2008

XV. Obama Nation

Could he or couldn't he be? Is he or is he not? Many Christians are starting to think it but not many are saying it. Is this the Man of Lawlessness? Is he the one who the Bible warns us about? Could he be the one who leads the nations astray with the lie? Is the he the one who causes the abomination of desolation?

Hmmm...abomination...obamanation. Coincidence? Of course, this is because it is just a play on words.  So remember this when you read this post.

The Bible says or at least hints at:
  • a leader who rises up and becomes a world leader
  • miracle performer
  • will deceive the world
  • will get rid of religion so he can be worshiped
  • will have a false prophet go before him
  • will come back from a fatal head wound
  • pretends to be a man of peace and prosperity
  • rules for 7 years, 3 1/2 of peace, 3 1/2 of war
The Bible also tells us signs of the time
  • wars and rumors of wars
  • earth will go through pangs
  • people will be lovers of their own selves
  • people will be disobedient
  • people will listen to lies and not the truth
  • economic prosperity then economic hardships
Back to the point.

Do we have wars and rumors of wars? Uh...Iraq, Iran (Babylon and Persia). Do we have a weird changing of the seasons? Uh...global warming. Is the earth going through pangs? Uh...earthquakes, more hurricanes. Are people loving their own selves? Uh...yeah... Are they disobedient? Uh...duh... Are they listening to lies? Hello...LA Times, CNN, Michael Moore. Do we have economic troubles? Wake up America!

But that doesn't mean Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.

Is he a leader who rises up? Community Organizer, State Senator, US Senator, President? Check. Is he a miracle performer? None so far. Is he a deceiver? Well, he is leading people into believing his plan of socialism will work. He is leading people into believing he is a Christian. Has he gotten rid of religion? He has denounced his church. Does he have a false prophet? Biden-Vice President. Has he come back from a head wound? No. Is he a man of peace? Says he is. 100,000 Germans believe so. Liberals believe so. Is he a man of prosperity? Hollywood says so. Liberals say so. Will he rule for 7 years? Well, presidents can go 8.

Obamanation? Maybe not but boy is he close. People have flocked to him like he is the savior. Actor George Clooney said that when he met him he just wanted to follow him around and listen to him. Halle Berry claims she would lay down palm branches in front of him everywhere he went. People follow him and almost worship him because he says he is a man of change, a man of peace and a man to get our economy going again. Go to Youtube and you will see the craze that is over taking the world with him.

Predictions? If these all happen then you might want to start walking on your knees. Obama becomes president, which will happen. Obama has already denounced his church. He will then try to embrace other religions as a sign of peace such as bringing Christians and Muslims together. Biden will go out before him claiming how great the man is. He will go to other nations to try and put an end to world problems. He said he would meet with leaders by himself to talk about peaceful endings. In March, 2009 Israel will attack Iran because the US will have not done anything to subside the havoc Iran is threatening to do. In June Obama will go to the Middle East where he will have a peace summit and talk about a new peace treaty that he himself has negotiated. It will be signed on June 6. It will be backed by Russia. Peace will seem right around the corner. It will be "iffy" for a couple of years. In March/April (Easter time) 2012, right before he starts campaigning for his second term he will be assassinated, but comes back to life more powerful than ever. This time all religions will be forced into worshiping him. This will end the 3 1/2 years of peace. He will turn his attentions to those who now follow Christ. He will be re-elected by lies since the Christian vote will be dwindled. He will become THE world leader and have war for the other 3 1/2 years. But, Christ will return and the rest is history...or the future.

Now of course many of this probably will not happen but just in case it does, remember where you heard it first.  Just a prediction, not truth.



Gozreht said...

Check this out about Obama's faith.


Gozreht said...

Check this one out about his agenda.


Compassionate Heathen said...

Your entire essay shows a fundamental lack of knowledge of history. Your list could be satisfied by dozens of historical figures, and yet still no apocalypse. 2000 years? 4000 years? How long do Christians have to wait before they finally realize that Revelations is just a story written by a human?

You'd rather sit back in your comfortable couches with your Bible and attach the president as the anti-christ instead of working with your fellow citizens to make this nation better. That is the essence of this nations downfall...not some wild interpretation of an ancient garbled text.

(I wonder if you'll even allow this comment to appear...it seems all the comments in your blog really just support your view, so I imagine you'll probably just delete this one without a thought.)

Gozreht said...


Actually, I think you jumped to conclusions about me and never gave me a chance. I will address your issues with me one at a time. But first, I hope you are an open minded individual. I hope you really are as compassionate as your ID says. Out of all sincerity, I hope we can have a civil conversation.

And that leads us into one of your points. Let's start at the bottom. The reason why most posts agree with me is because I am not highly read by people who do not know me. I would say 70% know me from one place or another. They come from all walks of life but they would probably naturally agree with me anyway. But I would love to get more readers to get more accurate polls.

I have never stopped a comment by anyone. There was a Moslem who posted on my article on tithing. It had nothing to do with the article but I let it go. There was someone who posted my article was bull **expletive** on my blog called Bible Lessons. I did change it because I felt the word was not needed but I still let it go. And many have disagreed with me on many posts, you may have to search more. I am a strong believer in freedom of speech. If you have something to say without being degrading or bullying about it, then I see nothing wrong with it. I hope that helps clear up that.

Point 2. First, I think you meant "attack" the president and not "attach" the president, correct? I do get involved with others, even some who disagree with me completely. I teach and belong to OEA and NEA and my own local union. I can't stand their agendas which many times have nothing to do with academia, but liberal nonsense. But we have goals to enlighten the minds of the youth and we work hard together at school to make this world a better place. I am very open minded when we discuss things one on one and let them have their full say. This blog is different because it's just me and my ideas. Of course it will be filled with biased opinions from myself. I get people registered to vote. I donate my time and money to charities. I help those around me despite their political or religious stance. And I teach social studies, which brings me to the final point.

I do have a fundamental knowledge of history. I have two degrees in the field of teaching and social sciences. I agree with you that many may start out fitting the description the Bible has of the anti-Christ. But none has full-filled it. Many Christians even claim Nero was it. I do not. If you go to another post Obama Nation part II and look at the comments by Ali and my response to her, then you will see that I say this mostly in jest. I think he is a problem. I think he will eventually be anti-religious, namely anti-Christian. Could he be the actual anti-Christ? Perhaps, but only time will tell. I put the criteria down just to remind others to watch for sign of the times. We may be still 10,000 years away from the end, but it doesn't matter. The end will be the end. It will come. There may be millions of those who get it wrong. But it only takes one to get it right. I may be way off. That is okay, but at least I will be ready if I am right. The book of Revelation (not Revelations) was written by a man, sure. But he was a man who had things revealed to him. That will be something you will not believe though and that is okay. I hope one day you will.

If you want to comment back, feel free. The polls are for you as well. I hope you take some time and help me get a better understanding of the world around me. I will post any comment you have as long as it remains civil and no degrading or words that aren't needed. So far all who have posted on my sites (save one mentioned) have been great and civil.

Take care. Hope you stick around.

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