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Friday, October 24, 2008

XV. Obama Nation

Could he or couldn't he be? Is he or is he not? Many Christians are starting to think it but not many are saying it. Is this the Man of Lawlessness? Is he the one who the Bible warns us about? Could he be the one who leads the nations astray with the lie? Is the he the one who causes the abomination of desolation?

Hmmm...abomination...obamanation. Coincidence? Of course, this is because it is just a play on words.  So remember this when you read this post.

The Bible says or at least hints at:
  • a leader who rises up and becomes a world leader
  • miracle performer
  • will deceive the world
  • will get rid of religion so he can be worshiped
  • will have a false prophet go before him
  • will come back from a fatal head wound
  • pretends to be a man of peace and prosperity
  • rules for 7 years, 3 1/2 of peace, 3 1/2 of war
The Bible also tells us signs of the time
  • wars and rumors of wars
  • earth will go through pangs
  • people will be lovers of their own selves
  • people will be disobedient
  • people will listen to lies and not the truth
  • economic prosperity then economic hardships
Back to the point.

Do we have wars and rumors of wars? Uh...Iraq, Iran (Babylon and Persia). Do we have a weird changing of the seasons? Uh...global warming. Is the earth going through pangs? Uh...earthquakes, more hurricanes. Are people loving their own selves? Uh...yeah... Are they disobedient? Uh...duh... Are they listening to lies? Hello...LA Times, CNN, Michael Moore. Do we have economic troubles? Wake up America!

But that doesn't mean Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.

Is he a leader who rises up? Community Organizer, State Senator, US Senator, President? Check. Is he a miracle performer? None so far. Is he a deceiver? Well, he is leading people into believing his plan of socialism will work. He is leading people into believing he is a Christian. Has he gotten rid of religion? He has denounced his church. Does he have a false prophet? Biden-Vice President. Has he come back from a head wound? No. Is he a man of peace? Says he is. 100,000 Germans believe so. Liberals believe so. Is he a man of prosperity? Hollywood says so. Liberals say so. Will he rule for 7 years? Well, presidents can go 8.

Obamanation? Maybe not but boy is he close. People have flocked to him like he is the savior. Actor George Clooney said that when he met him he just wanted to follow him around and listen to him. Halle Berry claims she would lay down palm branches in front of him everywhere he went. People follow him and almost worship him because he says he is a man of change, a man of peace and a man to get our economy going again. Go to Youtube and you will see the craze that is over taking the world with him.

Predictions? If these all happen then you might want to start walking on your knees. Obama becomes president, which will happen. Obama has already denounced his church. He will then try to embrace other religions as a sign of peace such as bringing Christians and Muslims together. Biden will go out before him claiming how great the man is. He will go to other nations to try and put an end to world problems. He said he would meet with leaders by himself to talk about peaceful endings. In March, 2009 Israel will attack Iran because the US will have not done anything to subside the havoc Iran is threatening to do. In June Obama will go to the Middle East where he will have a peace summit and talk about a new peace treaty that he himself has negotiated. It will be signed on June 6. It will be backed by Russia. Peace will seem right around the corner. It will be "iffy" for a couple of years. In March/April (Easter time) 2012, right before he starts campaigning for his second term he will be assassinated, but comes back to life more powerful than ever. This time all religions will be forced into worshiping him. This will end the 3 1/2 years of peace. He will turn his attentions to those who now follow Christ. He will be re-elected by lies since the Christian vote will be dwindled. He will become THE world leader and have war for the other 3 1/2 years. But, Christ will return and the rest is history...or the future.

Now of course many of this probably will not happen but just in case it does, remember where you heard it first.  Just a prediction, not truth.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

XIV. Who's in Heaven

Who is going to go to Heaven? Will there be any athiests there? Will any Buddhist or Muslem be there? Will the Jewish believer make it?

People are scared of this question because it makes people point fingers and say they are judging others. But the question is still legitimate. Some of us will not see the face of God after Judgement. There has to be an answer to this question because not everyone can be right.

The answer is: It is up to God.

We can not possibly know what is in the hearts of all mankind nor (especially nor) the heart of God. Scripture does say that He wants all man to be saved. However, more importantly scripture also says that only those who call on the name of Jesus Christ will be saved. If we say then that the Muslem will not go to Heaven because he believes in Allah and Mohammed as his messenger and refuses to take Christ as his savior then it is not we who are judging, it would be the Word of God. God's Word is truth. We can not fight that. We can not change that.

We are here not to judge but to tell the truth. We can not make the final decision for any individual but we can let the message out that Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

XIII. The Church of Culture

How much of the culture should the Church be involved with?  This is time for your feedback...
  • 52%  said that the Church should be in the culture but not of it.
  • 21%  said the Church should be the culture.
  • 15%  said the Church should be completely involved in the culture.
  • 10%  said the Church should stay completely out of the culture.
How much can the Church be involved with the culture and still remain what the church is all about? Does the Church remain apart from the world so it doesn't become worldly? Do we need to change with the culture to remain relevant to a world that seems to scoff at Christianity? Do we run the risk of losing our identity as Christ followers if we try and fit in with the culture?

The Church in Europe is virtually dead.   The chart below shows how much people profess to believe in the Christian God.  If it wasn't for the Pope being in Italy it would be perhaps even lower.  They have let go of God and have lost their hold on society. Europe's culture had spread into the Church and now it is basically gone.  Thank God for the our Catholic brothers and sisters in Africa, Australia, and Latin America or it would be dead there too. We need to pray for those in Asia and the Middle East who are by far out-numbered. The Church in the United States is now losing its grip. Atheism is on the rise faster than any thought/religion in the US.

Why? Maybe it is because we feel compelled to be like the world.  The world sees no difference anymore between the Church and what they preach against.

Maybe, just maybe we have become too complacent and have been assimilated into the world. Doesn't scripture tell us to not be a part of the world? Some will argue that Jesus went into the culture to save people.  But a big question is: did Jesus become part of the culture or did He try and change it while He was in it?  The answer is Jesus did not become part of the culture.  Sure He talked to people like the woman at the well, Zachias, Matthew, and even Pharisees who hated Him, but He did NOT act like them.  He didn't involve Himself with the "orgies" of the culture.  He did not whore Himself out to wim the hearts or trust of people.  He went to them and had compassion on them.  He went to them and confronted them.  I am sure He had fun at the gatherings and events but He did not become part of the culture.  He drove it.  People wanted to be more like Him.  Paul warns us not go after worldly desires. Jude tells us that in the last days there will be those who cause divisions becasue they are worldly minded.

So many questions and no real answers. This next question has never been answered: how much can the Church change and still be the Church?

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