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Sunday, August 31, 2008

VII. Poor Adam

Can you imagine being the beginning of something perfect and everything you did would cause the universe to spin in one direction or another? Can you imagine being the one who got to name all of the known universe? Can you imagine being in control of everything on the earth? Can you imagine living forever in God's Paradise made just for you? Can you imagine being the cause of death of each and every thing on the earth?

For 6000 years Adam has had to have this over his head. He has had the sentence of death for every human placed upon him since the day he sinned. Can you imagine living 900 years and seeing the destruction that one action of yours caused? He witnessed Paradise lost as he was banished from it. He witnessed animals who were once his companion turn on him in fear. He witnessed innocence being lost when Eve had to cover up. He witnessed the earth decay and now he had to toil to keep it alive. He witnessed pain caused by childbirth. He witnessed his own son murder another son. All he had to do was listen to one command. He was allowed to do anything he wanted except one thing. Do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This one disobedience sent the rest of the human race spiraling downward to hell. What kind of life could Adam have lived with all of this on his shoulder? A redemptive one!

Just like all Christians and those who believe in the Almighty El Elyon, he has a redeemer. He was given the promise that there would be a seed that would crush the serpent's head. Adam knew that one day he would be redeemed. We may sin. We are no better than Adam. We may fall away everyday. But, there is a redeemer! There is one who has paid the price for our sin. We are His. We have been paid for. The second Adam has come and has restored Paradise. If you are eating from the wrong tree then put down the fruit and eat from the Tree of Life.

1 comment:

Sensei said...

You started off with “can you imagine?” Can anyone? Better yet can you imagine a God of all-knowing and allowing it?

To me at times most of this makes little sense. Unless God had all the bases covered, an unfailing plan that with one action would reverse the one action that set everything in motion. “Let Us make man in Our image“. Something in His Own image that is part of Himself. Is it possible that God could cast off completely something of His own image? Surley whatever He destroys He can rebuild, whatever He kills He can resurrect. What ever is broken He can fix. What ever is burned HE can turn ashes into beauty. Death is no problem for God. Be it the first death, the second death or the third death. What happens after death that would disables God and His power. He has power over death. He has the keys, He can commute any sentence regardless of what was pronounced. What keeps God from communicating, teaching, revealing more of Himself even after death? For many they will never even discover truth until after death. Who do you think tells them? What do souls that are overwhelmed with truth do? Like Thomas placing his hand into the side of Jesus. What if every soul whether past, present, future got an opportunity to place their hand into his side? Just maybe there is a reason why every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. Just maybe there is a plan that He will reconcile All things to Himself.

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